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So what happens next?

After all of this and we all agree on term and conditions, we will assemble our team and our calendar. We'll request contact information for your management teams, ask that you inform them of our arrival and our purpose there. Dependent upon tasks, we'll request pertinent information so that we may begin. We'll arrive at our scheduled time, complete our necessary site work and discuss next steps.

President Eastern & Western Divisions

Entrepreneur, financial and business operations analyst and culinary-trained Chef, George LaFrance has often been described as a jack-of-all trades in business industry. As a previous VP of hotel operations and five time restaurant and business owner, LaFrance understands the strategic and tactical components that make the difference between running a business and running a highly-profitable business. For the past 25 years, LaFrance has studied business development from a financial and operational perspective, in addition to being fully entrenched in the essential day-to-day activities.

Master of Tax Accountancy – Golden Gate University, San Francisco, CA
B.S. Economics – University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ

VP Culinary Development Eastern & Western Divisions

A highly accomplished food and beverage operator and chef with extensive experience directing on-site, regional and national operations. Extensively experienced in areas regarding the creation, operation and financial management of existing and growth oriented businesses, he has been part of some of the nations most respected restaurant and hotel companies. Working with cutting edge industry players, his experience has taken him accross the country and into properties internationally.

He’s driven profitability in operations through strategic thinking and streamlining operational costs while increasing sales through local marketing initiatives and by identifying market opportunities. His expertise in assembling of operationally driven Culinary and Operational management teams who thrive in dynamic and fluid environments, have secured awards and maximized potentials for profitability, all while remaining operationally focused and guest oriented.

B.A Hospitality Restaurant Management, Seattle, WA

VP of Finance & Investments Eastern Division

High-energy, finance/accounting professional with an in-depth background in financial analysis across a range of industry sectors, including Fortune 500 companies and international subsidiaries. Proven ability to strategically implement corporate visions throughout the organization. Daniel has a reputation for process improvement and automation resulting in significant cost savings. Also, demonstrates ability to bring projects in on-time, adept at learning quickly and implementing new technologies to enhance efficiency and accuracy.

MBA Mathematics- Duke University, Durham, NC
B.S. Economics - Brown University, Providence, RI

VP of Human Resources Eastern & Western Division

Bobby leads a comprehensive approach to the management of our people within the organization. Bobby develops programs and processes that systematically hires employees, retained employees, and deals with all aspects of talent management. Bobby’s strategic partner thinking, and sponsor/ advocate abilities has been an intricate part of our team.

MBA Psychology, University North Carolina, Durham, NC
B.A. Sociology, Syracuse University, Syracuse NY

VP of Public Relations Eastern & Western Divisions

Cara Porchia brings 12 years of experience in Public Relations. She understands how to leverage media contacts and influencers to draw attention to your business. Small businesses are under increasing pressure to get noticed in a crowded marketplace. Public awareness can make or break any business, but particularly a restaurant or bar that relies on foot traffic to increase daily profits and grow the business. Social media has been found to be highly influential in driving public perception. One negative review or public comment can have a lasting impression on your customer base for years to come. Cara understands how to tap into the media influencers and social media outlets that will have the highest impact on your business to help manage and control your public perception. She has worked for some of the largest and most successful businesses in technology, fashion and food & beverage and can develop a customized plan to position your business for future success in a matter of months.

B.A. Communications, University of San Francisco
Master of Arts in Speech Communications, San Francisco State University, SF, CA.



Facility Management & Contract Services

  • ° Mystery reports and service audits
  • ° Supervision of site managers
  • ° Facility audits
  • ° Preparation of facility reports
  • ° Inventory audits
  • ° Contracted daily operations and facility management

Operations Improvement

  • ° Profit enhancement
  • ° Food and beverage cost controls
  • ° Productivity improvement
  • ° Turnaround/Crisis management
  • ° Recipe development and documentation
  • ° Training programs
  • ° Systems consulting
  • ° Internal accounting

Marketing & Analysis

  • ° Market demand studies
  • ° Market repositioning studies
  • ° Comparative set surveys and recommendations
  • ° Due diligence
  • ° Site studies
  • ° Concierge programs
  • ° Annual marketing initiatives with initiative plan details


We limit the amount of operations we work with at any one time and deliver solution packages specific to your business’s needs. We do not recycle and resell a program from business to business. We work with you to define the specific needs of your operation and approach your business with open eyes. Our culture is what drives our team to deliver extraordinary results, we love the business we're in and want you to be successful.

Who Are We?

IHS Management, LLC is a firm that has brought together hospitality professionals who specialize in operations throughout a wide range of environments. Focusing on every aspect of resorts, hotels, casinos, clubs, restaurants and attractions, those that invest their monies or time into businesses which have a worldwide or local presence will find our firm's specialized focus a benefit to their operations.

Need Help Fast?

We will do what we can to quickly come up an contract agreement and solution package for you as soon as possible. Please keep in mind, there are rarely quick solutions to entrenched problems, however we will find a way to minimize your issues until we can find the solution you need. Currently in development is a package of helpful and informational resources which will be available through our site. Please stay tuned.

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