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IHS MANAGEMENT, LLC is a hands-on advisory and management firm specializing in hospitality operations for all classes of hotels, restaurants and resorts. Our team works in conjunction with investors, owners and site managers to create, establish and consult the full spectrum of hospitality programs by delivering systems and packages unique to your business needs.

For operational longevity or short term profitability your defined goals are what we focus upon. Because we choose to limit our project involvement, this firm focuses on the needs of your business and we deliver the best package possible for your operation, not the same package as the last project worked upon.


What We Offer

We offer you the specialties that you may not have the time or expertise to fill. Ours is an aggressive program which deals with pressing needs so that operations can move forward. Expect reports which directly address gaps and faults within programs, recommendations which directly relate to failures in revenue generation or labor and cost controls. Suggestions which are derived from years of studying and operating full service operations for some of the industries most respected companies.

We take the initiative to get the job you need done and to exceed your expectation. We understand the importance of your investment be it planned or existing, and so with this in mind we take what we do seriously.


Where We Deliver

Specializing in food and beverage operations for all classes of clubs, hotels, restaurants and resorts, our team works in conjunction with ownership and site management consult the full spectrum of food and beverage programs. We deliver systems and packages unique to the needs and operation focused on longevity or short-term profitability. We deliver the best package possible for your operation, not the same package as the last project worked upon.

We work with a wide range of operations across the hospitality industry. To be a little more specific, our focus ranges from casual and fine dining restaurants to multi-star hotel operations, full-service public or private clubs and resorts, with catering, pool, tennis and golf operations, major events such as fundraisers, or professional sporting exhibitions, nightclubs and convention environments. These are all areas of our expertise and areas in which we can assist your operation.


Our Philosophy

Our firm wants your business to succeed both professionally and financially and we believe there are ways to establish profitability from the outset. Balance in your business and professional life can be had.

We believe that in order to have a successful business, you must have a well-defined plan. There are many ways to succeed given the right balance of expectation and reality and true success is generated through an ever growing list of many small achievements. This is not a "big win" industry.

We believe that a plan should have longevity. Indecision and lack of direction only confuses and does not build the business core needed for long term success. We believe that you must always remain in the public eye, for it is far too easy to be forgotten.


Facility Management & Contract Services

  • ° Mystery reports and service audits
  • ° Supervision of site managers
  • ° Facility audits
  • ° Preparation of facility reports
  • ° Inventory audits
  • ° Contracted daily operations and facility management

Operations Improvement

  • ° Profit enhancement
  • ° Food and beverage cost controls
  • ° Productivity improvement
  • ° Turnaround/Crisis management
  • ° Recipe development and documentation
  • ° Training programs
  • ° Systems consulting
  • ° Internal accounting

Marketing & Analysis

  • ° Market demand studies
  • ° Market repositioning studies
  • ° Comparative set surveys and recommendations
  • ° Due diligence
  • ° Site studies
  • ° Concierge programs
  • ° Annual marketing initiatives with initiative plan details


We limit the amount of operations we work with at any one time and deliver solution packages specific to your business’s needs. We do not recycle and resell a program from business to business. We work with you to define the specific needs of your operation and approach your business with open eyes. Our culture is what drives our team to deliver extraordinary results, we love the business we're in and want you to be successful.

Who Are We?

IHS Management, LLC is a firm that has brought together hospitality professionals who specialize in operations throughout a wide range of environments. Focusing on every aspect of resorts, hotels, casinos, clubs, restaurants and attractions, those that invest their monies or time into businesses which have a worldwide or local presence will find our firm's specialized focus a benefit to their operations.

Need Help Fast?

We will do what we can to quickly come up an contract agreement and solution package for you as soon as possible. Please keep in mind, there are rarely quick solutions to entrenched problems, however we will find a way to minimize your issues until we can find the solution you need. Currently in development is a package of helpful and informational resources which will be available through our site. Please stay tuned.

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