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We encourage you to contact us to discuss your needs.
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We know that bringing on a consultant is not an easy thing and so what we recommend is taking a look at your operation and think about what it is that you would like to see from your business. You should be prepared to discuss some sensitive issues when contacting us because we do need to evaluate the operation to gauge what it is that we could accomplish. After we discuss your operation, we'll evaluate its needs and move onto the next step. This may be a formal proposal or requests for additional information which may or may not take the form of a site visit.


What we'll provide for you to make an easy decision...

  • Ongoing discussions about your project and your business needs
  • Open and honest lines of communication
  • A clear understanding that we recognize the needs of your business
  • Options for hourly project rates or flat service fees
  • Written progress reports
  • Periodic meetings
  • A written proposal which may include:
    • An outline of the discussed needs of your program and project objectives
    • A brief outline to address your project
    • Project objectives and what will be addressed over the term of the contract
    • An outline of the anticipated project completion dates
    • A discussion of fees and related reimbursable expenses
    • Project managers and staffing and related resumes
    • What control you'll have over related expenses and the professional fees charged
    • Invoicing and payment schedules
    • Terms of service and conditions for termination of services

Facility Management & Contract Services

  • ° Mystery reports and service audits
  • ° Supervision of site managers
  • ° Facility audits
  • ° Preparation of facility reports
  • ° Inventory audits
  • ° Contracted daily operations and facility management

Operations Improvement

  • ° Profit enhancement
  • ° Food and beverage cost controls
  • ° Productivity improvement
  • ° Turnaround/Crisis management
  • ° Recipe development and documentation
  • ° Training programs
  • ° Systems consulting
  • ° Internal accounting

Marketing & Analysis

  • ° Market demand studies
  • ° Market repositioning studies
  • ° Comparative set surveys and recommendations
  • ° Due diligence
  • ° Site studies
  • ° Concierge programs
  • ° Annual marketing initiatives with initiative plan details


We limit the amount of operations we work with at any one time and deliver solution packages specific to your business’s needs. We do not recycle and resell a program from business to business. We work with you to define the specific needs of your operation and approach your business with open eyes. Our culture is what drives our team to deliver extraordinary results, we love the business we're in and want you to be successful.

Who Are We?

IHS Management, LLC is a firm that has brought together hospitality professionals who specialize in operations throughout a wide range of environments. Focusing on every aspect of resorts, hotels, casinos, clubs, restaurants and attractions, those that invest their monies or time into businesses which have a worldwide or local presence will find our firm's specialized focus a benefit to their operations.

Need Help Fast?

We will do what we can to quickly come up an contract agreement and solution package for you as soon as possible. Please keep in mind, there are rarely quick solutions to entrenched problems, however we will find a way to minimize your issues until we can find the solution you need. Currently in development is a package of helpful and informational resources which will be available through our site. Please stay tuned.

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